aset stiftung


Thirst for knowledge

ASET Stiftung1 is an independent, non-profit entity, supporting academic, scientific research programs with the objective of advancing the boundaries of knowledge in comparative studies across major fields of research in Humanities including Archaeology, Materials Research Science, Heritage Science,  Conservation, History of Science, Commercial and Trade History, Linguistics and Philology, Philosophy and Religious Studies,  and History of Art. In keeping with Art & Science Endowment Trust Charter (ASET Charter), ASET Stiftung’s primary objective is to develop and support scholarly research programmes, promoting the knowledge, appreciation, and greater understanding of the arts and material cultures of the civilizations and peoples who spoke any branch of the Indo-European or Semitic family language groups. This includes the corresponding civilisations, cultures, and people who have come into contact with them through commerce2, or by any other means of contact, facilitating the diffusion of ‘science’3 and linguistics. The focus of the activities of ASET Stiftung is based upon one primary mission: advancing scholarship and academic studies with an interdisciplinary approach to major fields of comparative research, contributing to a greater understanding of the trans-cultural diffusion of human knowledge, ‘science,’ and linguistics. The goal is to contribute to understanding: the extent to which the diffusion and transmission of human knowledge, technology and ‘science’ within and across civilizations and cultures has contributed to the emergence of our modern world.

1 Limited by guarantee, ASET Stiftung is registered under no. 9857318, under section 1115 of the Companies Act 2006 England and Wales.

2 The history of trade routes, such as those forming the legendary Silk Roads, the Royal Road described by Herodotus in the fifth century BC, the Amber Road, or the Fur Road, are bound to provide fertile grounds for future research inquiries and studies.

3 The term ‘science’ here refers to all fields of human knowledge and learning, including the natural and physical sciences and philosophy.